East Bay - Childbirth Classes

There are several childbirth education classes available in the East Bay. They include:

Laura Todaro, Homebirth Preparation Class

Laura Todaro has been teaching a homebirth-specific childbirth class in the East Bay for more than a dozen years. She has helped hundreds of couples prepare for rewarding, profound experiences, and her classes always generate rave reviews.

Her 5-week series covers all the basics of birthing at home with an emphasis on finding the tools you need to stay confident and connected throughout the process as well as creating community. Included is an overview of birth, comfort measures, preparation for partners, variations of normal, postpartum changes, breastfeeding, birth stories and great birth videos.

For more information about classes or to register, email Laura Todaro midwifelaurat@gmail.com


Esther Healey LM, CPM, Homebirth Focused CBE Classes

This class is full of opportunities to learn techniques and tools that will support you and your partner (if present) in labor, birth and those first weeks of parenting. Using a host of modalities, there will be group discussions, experiential learning, videos, readings, strategizing, handouts, home exercises, exploration of fears and desires, and sharing of knowledge, from practical to etherial. The focus of this class stems from the intension of honoring this normal, physiological and emotional right-of-passage and fostering the natural hormonal unfolding of labor and birth. Come join us!
For more information about the classes visit: http://www.breathe-esther.org/Birth_Education/Home_CBE.html

Refresher & Sibling Preparation Class:

Classes are for families who are expecting a second, third (or beyond) baby.  They include a day for adults only and one with the children.  Helpful for families who are planning a homebirth this time, regardless of the birth place of your other child/ren.  Classes happen when we have enough interest, please contact with your due date and contact information.
For more information please visit: mariposamidwifery.com/childbirth-preparation/